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Jennifer Lee

Certified Consultant

(512) 308-2304

My Story

Hey there! My name is Jennifer Lee and I am a homeschooling mom of 2 precious girls, ages 12 and 8. I was first introduced to Scentsy about 10 years ago at my cousin's house in Houston. I remember thinking that her house smelled amazing from the moment I walked in the door. So I was given my first Scentsy warmer at Christmas that year. I enjoyed using it from time to time, but my husband and I still continued to burn candles in our home more often than not.

Then, in September 2011, we lost our home in a wildfire. It was devastating, and I quickly realized that the sight of flame, whether on a gas stove, in a fireplace, or from a simple candle, caused me to experience significant anxiety. Then it was Scentsy to the rescue! I remembered how much I enjoyed my first warmer and I thought about how beautiful and soothing the warmers could be for my peace of mind. To fill my home with wonderful scents without having the danger of an open flame gave me a great sense of peace and protection.

And today, I am completely in love with Scentsy products! I have had a dream for many years of starting a Scentsy business, but it always seemed like my busy life as a homeschooling mom wouldn't allow the time. But I've taken a leap of faith and jumped into the business! I pray that I can bless others with Scentsy the way Scentsy has blessed me for the last 10 years.

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